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Give your bathroom a makeover before putting home on the market

In a previous blog post we talked about the need to have an outsider’s view of the inside of your home before placing it on the market. It helps to have someone who is not emotionally and physically invested in the property to identify through an objective eye the strong points and, more importantly, the weak points of the place you call home.

Painting, replacing a vanity or changing light fixtures are easy and inexpensive ways to give new life to your bathroom.

Painting, replacing a vanity or changing light fixtures are easy and inexpensive ways to give new life to your bathroom.

There are basic steps homeowners can take to prepare their homes for the market, and we discussed the value of seeing your home through the buyer’s eye, de-cluttering and cleaning, and reorganizing rooms. Most of the tips seem obvious on first view, but they are practical ones as it is common for homeowners to overlook them.

Staying true to this theme, here are some tips to enhance a room that draws attention immediately: the bathroom. The first thought when it comes to improving the look and feel of this room is that it will cost money, and lots of it. This is not always the case, though, as there are simple quick fixes that will pay off when it comes time to sell.

Jaymi Naciri of RealtyTimes recently wrote an article that offers “8 easy and cheap things you can do to transform your bathroom.” Here are three that caught my eye. Go to her post to read about the other five.

Paint — There is no better, easier and inexpensive way to bring life to a room than by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colors are best.

Replace your vanity — We become comfortable with our environment and often overlook outdated or worn-out permanent furnishings and fixtures such as sinks and cabinets. A new design and style of vanity can give that room the perfect makeover.

Put a new light on the subject — Change the style of fixtures and perhaps even the location to highlight and accent the finer points of the room. Again, it is a relatively inexpensive fix that will be worth the cost and effort.

These three steps are easy to take, but as we referenced earlier, it often takes input from an objective bystander to help get you started. This is where my professional sources can help. They will provide guidance on everything from furniture arrangement to wall colors to the smallest of details such as bathroom fixtures as you prepare to showcase your home.

There is no consulting fee involved. The service is my way of thanking you for placing your trust in me. Give me a call at 217-638-1360 when you think it is time to sell. I am here to help make the process an exciting and enjoyable experience.

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