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It’s good to have an outsider’s view of the inside when selling your home

It is hard to believe that we are a third of the way through spring: Hard to believe but not hard to accept. The weather is warm, the grass is green and the flowers and trees are in full bloom.


The proper placement of furniture and accent pieces will set the tone for a room and may catch the buyer’s eye.

The housing market also is in full swing this spring, and it is a good time for those who want to sell. And similar to investing a little time and effort to make your lawn green and your landscape beautiful, a little time and effort to prepare your home for the market will draw a buyer’s attention and quicken the sale.

There are basic steps homeowners can take to prepare their homes for the market. Most of the tips seem obvious on first view, but it is common for homeowners to overlook them, not because of carelessness but simply oversight from familiarity. So let’s review.

Below are three tips for preparing your home for the market. There are specifics with each of the three, but this overview will get you headed in the right direction.

See your home through the buyer’s eye
The place you have called home soon will be open for all to evaluate and critique. It is hard to suppress those years of memories and experiences, but it is important to do so to be able to view your home in the proper context. You need to look at your home objectively and ask questions such as: Does the bathroom tub need caulked? Is the closet door in the master bedroom still sticking? Are the kitchen cabinets packed and unorganized?

De-clutter and clean
We all are pack rats to some degree; we just don’t recognize or admit it. And we definitely are oblivious to the congestion it has created in the living spaces throughout our home. Do some soul-searching and get rid of the stuff that no longer serves a useful purpose. Clean your home and reorganize it.

Reorganize your rooms
When is the last time you rearranged furniture and decorations to give new life and accent to your rooms? Furniture should be arranged to give a room a spacious feel while allowing for a natural and easy path for traffic. Wall hangings and decorations should complement the mood of the room, and again give the sense of open space.

These three initial steps have something in common, and that is the need for input from an objective bystander. Yes, It is difficult to detach your emotions from something as meaningful and personal as your home, but my professional sources can help. They will provide guidance on everything from furniture arrangement to wall colors to the smallest of details involving placement of coasters and candlestick holders as you prepare to showcase your home.

There is no consulting fee involved. The service is my way of thanking you for placing your trust in me. Give me a call at 217-638-1360 when you think it is time to sell. I am here to help make the process an exciting and enjoyable experience.

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